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Girl Tech was a program for young women of color ages 15-24 in Albuquerque. This year-long program included training on media justice, reproductive justice, storytelling, and video making. The participants learned media literacy skills by deconstructing media messages and discussing issues that impacted their lives such as comprehensive sex education, healthcare access, safety, gender, and body image. They learned how to conduct interviews, write scripts, create storyboards, direct film shoots, and edit video in order to tell their own stories. At the end of the program year they participated in a screening event to showcase their work. In its final year, Girl Tech was funded by the Groundswell Catalyst Fund as well as individual donors.

In 2015, Media Literacy Project published a report on Girl Tech. This report captures how the program impacted the 31 participants over the six years of the program through stories, quotes, photos, and graphics. This report also features what the youth participants learned and accomplished during their program year and how what they learned stayed with them over the years. 

 Open the PDF below to download and share the report. 


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