New Mexico Kites

New Mexico Kites was a collaboration of organizations that engaged in narrative-based, community-building to achieve social justice. Member organizations in the collaborative shared the belief that all people in our community are impacted by America’s culture of incarceration and that shared foundation is enough common ground to create meaningful prison reform. Media Literacy Project took the lead in organizing this coalition in Fall 2011. The coalition launched in September of the same year, for the purpose of gathering stories from the community.

The collaborative included El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, La Plazita Institute, and Young Women United. By sharing stories, we encouraged each other to engage in continual dialogue with our loved ones who are detained or incarcerated while creating a network amongst those of us with similar experiences. We know that continued contact with our family members who are incarcerated decreases their likelihood of returning to prison, however we also know that it will take a movement to change the system and not just our individual situations.