Latinos for Internet Freedom

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Big telecom companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast are working hard to dictate the rules of the road for the Internet. This means increased costs for broadband and less build out to rural communities.

We joined Latinos for Internet Freedom to help mobilize New Mexican Latinos to demand Internet freedom. While Internet Freedom would ensure that all Americans have free and open access to broadband Internet, Latinos are a key voice in the debate that is often gone unheard.

About 42 percent of New Mexico is Latino, but our broadband adoption rate lags behind the nation.

Latinos depend on the Internet for access to job applications, government services, educational opportunities and advocacy. But high costs and accessibility of dependable broadband continues to be barriers to our equal participation in a 21st century economy.

We know that increased access to a free and open Internet means more job opportunities and better education opportunities for our families. We know that a free and open Internet is the path towards entrepreneurship and political advocacy.