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Media Literacy Project releases statement on APS Family Engagement Policy

MLP supports Families United for Education’s recommendations to Albuquerque Public Schools
Thursday, August 16, 2012
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Hakim Bellamy 505.828.3129


At a standing room only Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Board meeting last night, Media Literacy Project issued a public statement read by Media Justice Organizer Rusita Avila. In the presence of concerned parents and family members, Families United for Education challenged the APS Board to double down on their commitment to family engagement by recommending that more inclusive and more accountable language be added to Superintendent Winston Brooks’ initial policy proposal.

In support of Families United for Education’s recommendations, Media Literacy Project issued this statement:

Media Literacy Project commends the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Board on its consideration and integration of some of the language changes proposed by Families United for Education to the Superintendent’s Family Engagement Policy. As an organization that educates and advocates for the rights of all communities in New Mexico to access and share information, we hope that every school district in our state would be intentional and institutionalize family engagement. Media Literacy Project is keenly aware of the underwhelming outcomes that result from curriculum, class, or school that does not address the needs of the whole student. As such, we believe that APS should increase their commitment to treating families as a partner in their children’s education and incorporate all of the changes that Families United for Education has recommended. The recommended changes shall ensure that all of our communities, regardless of how they culturally define “family,” are connected to the instructional plan of their students, and that those plans are representative of the history and values of those communities.

For questions, information, or support of Families United for Education, please contact familiesunitedforeducation [at] gmail [dot] com.


Please see the original draft of the Family Engagement Plan attached below.

Additionally, please see the recommended changes by Families United for Education below.



From Families United for Education:

Thank you Media Literacy Project for your timely, strong advocacy last night!  The policy passed with the one change that replaced "fair" with "equitable".  We're all excited about what this might mean for creating a more just future.

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