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New Mexico Latinos to Verizon: Air Has No Ownership

New America Foundation

Lately, cell phone companies have been trying hard to convince us that we control the airwaves. T-Mobile recently asked, "What do you want from your wireless company?" Verizon says we can "Rule The Air" with their service.

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The role of media literacy in preventing sexual violence and dating violence

Featuring: Andrea Quijada, Media Literacy Project

Interviewed by David Lee, PreventConnect



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Media Literacy Project Joins Latino Call for Internet Freedom

Latinos for Internet Freedom stands up to corporations that threaten to control the Internet for their own profit and not for the public good.

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Thin Line


Google's been known as a fierce advocate for net neutrality. But the web giant, along with Verizon, is suggesting a model critics say threatens Internet freedom. "What they're trying to set up is a public, slower-running Internet and a private, faster-running Internet," says Andrea Quijada, executive director of the New Mexico Media Literacy Project.

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