Girls Toolbox for Life

Girls Toolbox for Life class

 Media Literacy Project taught a two-week summer course on media literacy and video production from 2006 - 2015. The media literacy component was part of a larger six-week Academy Summer course for girls pre-6th to pre-8th grade. Taught from a social justice framework, this course developed critical thinking and media-making skills. The girls deconstructed TV shows, music videos, commercials, and magazine ads. They learned about media literacy concepts, techniques of persuasion, and storytelling through hands-on and interactive activities. In some sessions, the students also wrote, recorded, and edited their own video story.

Videos from the 2012 Girls Toolbox for Life class


"My film is about how girls feel like they have to have the newest, coolest brands. In the film I tell my story on how I overcame buying the newest brands of clothing." Created by: Grace Widner.


My video plays the "Coke Zero And?" commercial. Then, I talk about the persuasion techniques coke uses and how it is fantasy. Directed, Edited, and Made by Micah Sandman.