Deconstruction Gallery

We're constantly being bombarded with media messages on what to buy, what to think and who to vote for. Ads sell us products, and they also sell us ideas. These ideas inform how we think about our world and influence how we make decisions.

Please browse our deconstruction gallery and consider: What part of the story is not being told in these media messages? How do they construct their own stories? What ideas do they promote?

Click an image or title below to see a media example and deconstruction questions. If you'd like to learn more about media literacy, consider purchasing Intro to Media Literacy for $5 to help support the non-profit work of Media Literacy Project. It contains 24 media literacy concepts, 40 techniques of persuasion, and more. You can purchase Language of Persuasion alone for $3. Many of the concepts and techniques of persuasion in the deconstructions below are explained in these handouts.