New Siembra la Palabra Digna Toolkit!


In April 2014, Media Literacy Project and 26 other organizations went to the Albuquerque city council to show our need for a media system that treats our communities with respect and dignity. Together we were able to pass the Memorial for Responsible Speech which represented the values of people across the city in stating that irresponsible speech and misrepresentation of marginalized communities has no space in our city. We want to thank everyone who participated in the actions to pass this memorial and thank the city council members who became champions for responsible speech with their votes. 

There is still widespread irresponsible speech used in local and national media. Passing this memorial was only the first step. 

The next step in building a media system that represents us is to form a base of people who are trained media monitors and who are able to take action on irresponsible speech when they see it in the media. We have created the Siembra la Palabra Digna Toolkit as a free resource for the community. Inside you will find information about irresponsible/responsible speech, media examples, how to deconstruct media, and examples of ways to take action. We want to mention that this isn’t an exhaustive resource. There are many creative ways to talk back to media and fight for responsible speech; we hope that our toolkit can give you the tools you need.



MLP Siembra la Palabra Digna Toolkit.pdf2.27 MB