MLP Releases Revised Media Literacy Handouts

Media Literacy Project has revised our Introduction to Media Literacy and Language of Persuasion handouts!

We have updated both handouts to closer reflect both our changing media landscape and MLP's vision of media literacy. With revised design, language, and additional examples and terms, you'll want to check out the most recent version of these two very popular media literacy tools.

Intro to Media Literacy is now a consise 14-page handout that contains a list of 22 media literacy concepts, an explanation of what media literacy is and why it is important, a text and subtext handout with a new media example, how to deconstruct media, and a guide on creating counter advertisements with two examples from our national Counter Ad Contest.

Language of Persuasion is a 7-page handout that now includes a list of 41 techniques of persuasion that help us to become stronger critical thinkers when it comes to media messages, especially advertisements, political ads, and news reports.

Purchase of these handouts funds Media Literacy Project's programs and campaigns, allowing us the opportunity to share our knowledge and tools with even more youth and adults in New Mexico and beyond so that they can access, analyze, and create media.