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Media literacy students shed light on the SOPA Blackout

Though corporate media have seen fit to ignore one of the biggest tech stories of the year, ninth graders at the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School (MACCS) in Albuquerque know what’s up! As a result of the video that they created in MLP's six-week course at their school; Jack Folkner, Martin Jencka and Jay Jewell-Roth have become "rock stars" of media justice.

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With media and justice for all: Media justice as anti-racism work

With the Second Annual Anti-Racism Day at the New Mexico State Legislature happening on January 25th, Media Literacy Project took the opportunity to reflect on the intersection of anti-racism work and media justice. Hakim Bellamy shares his perspective.

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Good SOPA, Bad SOPA: Congress needs to hear your voice, New Mexico. 

Today thousands of sites have gone black in solidarity against the "Stop Online Piracy Act" and the "Protect IP Act". In support of the blackout, Media Literacy Project encourages you to visit our coalition partners at Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net), Latinos for Internet Freedom and Black Voices for Internet Freedom to find out how you can contact your congressional representatives and tell them “SOPA is BAD.”

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MLP speaks to the Santa Fe Reporter on SOPA bill in the House

It’s not about intellectual property, it’s about internet freedom. Supporters of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its Senate counterpart, the Protect IP Act, claim to have a bill that would bring an end to online content piracy and stop the $25 billion a year loss that the US film industry incurs due to illegal downloading and streaming.

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Inside Girl Tech Collective

Last month, Media Literacy Project graduated a class of young mediamakers. As young women of color, the graduates are not unique solely by virtue of their race and gender. They are made unique by their stories. Monice Braine tells her story about helping these young women tell theirs.

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Media Justice Policy Brief

MLP survives off of a steady diet of media policy so you don't have to. See our synopsis of the three most current and critical happenings in media policy, as we mark six months of representing New Mexico on the Federal Communications Commission Consumer Advisory Committee in Washington, DC.

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"Save Community Voices" Television Program with MAG-Net National Organizer Betty Yu

The national media justice family has been mobilizing around public access television in Albuquerque. Media Action Grassroots Network National Organizer, Betty Yu, came to Quote...UnQuote Studios last month to brainstorm a strategy to "Save Community Voices."

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As the AT&T-T-Mobile Merger Goes to Court, Media Literacy Project Goes to Press

Media Literacy Project was featured in the Santa Fe Reporter on the issue of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger. In the article, staff writer Joey Peters examines the potential outcomes of the merger on the State of New Mexico.

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The Same Old Smoke and Mirrors

Big Tobacco is up to its dirty tricks again. MLP Community Education Coordinator, Christie McAuley, examines why companies that make money off of teenage smokers would hold a smoker cessation symposium. Change of heart or slight of hand?

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Media Literacy Project Statement on the Occupy Movement

Media Literacy Project Executive Director, Andrea Quijada, asks "Would this Occupy movement even be possible without a free and open internet?" American media has been colonized for too long, it is time to (Un)Occupy the airwaves.

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