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Bringing NCMR Back to New Mexico

During the weekend of April 5-7, the National Conference for Media Reform brought together media justice organizers, media reform advocates, poets, musicians, community radio and television producers, journalists, filmmakers, and educators from across the country to convene and share our experiences and knowledge in Denver.

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Perspective Matters

“I deconstruct media because the right deconstruction questions can deepen our ability to think critically about issues that are central to our daily lives…” — Andrea Quijada, NCMR, April 7, 2013

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MLP Releases 20-Year Timeline

Want to know more about what Media Literacy Project has done in 20 years? We created a multimedia timeline that takes viewers on an interactive journey through our two decades of history. You can view slideshows, videos, and images in this special anniversary timeline.

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The 2013 Bad Ad and Counter Ad Winners

Each year students deconstruct media in Media Literacy Project's two national contests. Contestants have the opportunity to analyze bad print ads in an essay or create a visual counter message of a print ad. This year's Bad Ad and Counter Ad contests brought in nearly 300 entries and five talented students won cash prizes in this annual media literacy competition.

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Free is Not Sustainable

by Andrea Quijada, Media Literacy Project Executive Director

A couple of weeks ago I spent an amazing ten minutes watching Ron Finley’s TED talk. If you haven’t seen yet, I highly recommend it. In this video he shares his experience as a guerrilla gardener in South Central Los Angeles, and amidst brilliant sound bites like, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money,” and “Gardening is my graffiti,” Ron also states, “Free is not sustainable.”

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TEDxABQ ED: Creating Critical Thinkers Through Media Literacy

Earlier this year, MLP Executive Director Andrea Quijada was selected to present a TED Talk at TEDxABQ Education. Both personal and professional, Andrea shared some of her earliest experiences with media literacy and a deconstruction with the audience. Watch MLP's TEDxABQ ED talk, now at over 700 views...and counting!

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Volunteer Corner

In the year of our 20th Anniversary, we are so appreciative of our volunteers’ support for media literacy and media justice. See what our volunteers made possible over the past month, and how you can have your name listed here next month!

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Looking Back at 20 Years

Want to know what Media Literacy Project has done in the past 20 years? Checkout this short video that MLP just released! In our special anniversary video, we reflect back on a few highpoints from our two decades of history.

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Where were you on this day in 1993?

Twenty years ago, Whitney Houston was at the top of the Billboard charts for her rendition of a Dolly Parton song. Super Nintendo turned two years old. The Super Bowl had a solo halftime performer for the first time ever. His name was Michael Jackson. Ms. Doubtfire came in second to the record-breaking Jurassic Park as the highest grossing film of the year.

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Vote for Strong Families, New Mexico!

by Adriann Barboa, Strong Families New Mexico Field Director

As a native New Mexican and someone who has collaborated with MLP over the years, I am both proud and excited to say that MLP is a key partner of Strong Families. This campaign season MLP will be helping us distribute Vote for Us! A Strong Families Guide to Civic Engagement, a tool to support Strong Families partners in strengthening our collective voice.

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