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Sut Jhally Week is Coming!

Media Literacy Project is bringing Sut Jhally to New Mexico for a week of exciting events. Jhally is professor of communication at University of Massachusetts—Amherst and executive director of Media Education Foundation. He has published numerous books and articles about media, advertising, race, and more, written through a cultural studies lens.

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Show Your Love for Nosh

By Alanna Offield – On Valentine’s Day, our community came together to show that we have more love than hate. In light of recent anti-Semitic vandalism at Nosh Jewish Delicatessen and Bakery in Nob Hill, our community sprang into action to show that anti-Semitism and irresponsible speech will not be tolerated in Albuquerque.

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Taking Media Literacy to the U.K.

By Jessica Collins – As we walked through Heathrow International Airport in London I could feel the pressure of my swollen feet from the long plane ride and the heaviness of my eyelids from a night without sleep. I decided to focus on where I was now to draw attention away from these uncomfortable feelings.

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What These 9th Graders Know That You May Not

By Jessica Collins – It was my fifth year back at this particular Albuquerque charter school. I entered the comfort of the familiar portable classroom to set up for my full teaching day. It was still painted a bright, yet soft, turquoise, a sort of institutional-meets-preschool-art color. The teacher for that classroom has never had time to paint over it.

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The End of Net Neutrality

The Verizon v. FCC decision this week was a great disappointment to Media Literacy Project and everyone in our media justice family. The decision overturned most of the FCC’s Open Internet Order from 2010 and questions the FCC’s right to regulate the internet.

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We Love Our Volunteers!

By Jessica Collins -- It was a cool December evening in Albuquerque as I entered the Skidmore’s Holiday Bowl with its classic décor of vintage plastic chairs, shiny floors, and vending machines filled with socks. It smelled of pizza and maybe sweaty feet, and I could hear the rumbling sounds of pins slamming at the end of lanes.

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An Open Internet for All New Mexicans

The first thing I do in the morning is sign into Facebook and Twitter. I’ll tell anyone listening that I’m trying to get more Twitter followers (Follow me @alannaoffield). I keep in touch with family and friends around the world sharing real time videos of my daughter walking via Skype.

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Heinricy Wins Media Research Award

Shana Heinricy, MLP’s Communications and Marketing Director, helped win the highest honor available for environmental communication with her research about the representations of animals in animation on television.

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For MLP by Hakim Bellamy

Listen to Hakim Bellamy deliver the poem by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of the page. Presented at the Media Literacy Project 20th Anniversary Bash on November 15th, 2013:


As a Hip Hop Generation child of the 80s

born to people-turned-parents in the 70s

I grew up to the notion that speech was spit

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Guess Who's Watching?

Happy Halloween from Media Literacy Project!

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