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Girl Tech Program

Girl Tech 2014 video shoot

Girl Tech was a program for young women of color ages 15-24 in Albuquerque. This year-long program included training on media justice, reproductive justice, storytelling, and video making.

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Body Image and Making Films

By Michelle Gallarza -- All through middle school I heard girls complain about their bodies. They would say, “I’m fat.” They would say they felt ugly without makeup. Some girls wouldn’t be allowed to wear makeup so they would get to school and put it on in the bathroom in a hurry and then take it off before they left school. It was difficult to hear these comments.

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What Girl Tech (and List-Making) Has Taught Me

By Jessica Collins-- I am a list maker. When other staff draw pictures of me, which often happens in non-profit social change work, they draw me with a list on my desk.

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Looking Back at Girl Tech 2011

As the third year of Girl Tech Collective got into full swing in April, 2011 Girl Tech alum Luna Olavarria Gallegos shared some of her thoughts on the program and the process:

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Inside Girl Tech Collective

Last month, Media Literacy Project graduated a class of young mediamakers. As young women of color, the graduates are not unique solely by virtue of their race and gender. They are made unique by their stories. Monice Braine tells her story about helping these young women tell theirs.

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Girl Tech Collective: Keeping an Eye Out for Reproductive Justice

As Media Literacy Project welcomes a new cohort to Girl Tech and prepares to co-host the national Reproductive Justice Network Annual Meeting, we take a look back at how we arrived here and thank those that helped us get here.

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11 Women Found Murdered in Albuquerque Desert -- Why Was This Not Treated As a National Tragedy?

I often found myself wondering if the lack of police enthusiasm in pursuing the case would fly if these were 11 white college students found buried under a football field. 

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