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The Phone Behind The Wall

Juan Ayala Jr.

Media Literacy Project volunteer and community organizer Juan Ayala shares his experience, and observation of communication injustices in America's jails, prisons, and detention centers. Juan will performing as both a musician and an actor in "From School House to Jail House" in August.

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Hear and Share the Calls from Home: Papa’s Day Special

If you missed the Calls from Home Papa’s Day radio special that aired on Father’s Day, you did not get to hear Jamal Mason and the group of formerly incarcerated fathers that he meets with at Exodus Transitional Community in New York City. However, now the Calls from Home: Papa’s Day Special is available to stream or download for those who missed it, want to hear it again, or send it to a friend.

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Mama's Day Calls From Home

Media Literacy Project, Strong Families, and Thousand Kites need your help to produce “Calls from Home: Mama's Day Special,” a radio project that connects incarcerated mothers to their families, friends, and communities. With your support we’ll send voices through barbed-wire to our millions of neighbors behind bars this Mama’s Day.

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New Mexico Kites.org Goes Live

In more ways than one, New Mexican families impacted by America’s culture of incarceration will be on the air, first in cyberspace and then on the airwaves.

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Prison Justice finally has an Alibi

Prison Justice finally has an alibi, the cover of the Weekly Alibi. In New Mexico, Prison Justice is big news thanks to a visit from our friends at Thousand Kites. However, New Mexico has always had a legacy of connecting prison families through media.

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