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Media Justice Forum Recap

On April 26th, 2014 Media Literacy Project hosted our first Media Justice Forum at Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. We had a range of presenters who do awesome media justice work across Albuquerque. Thank you so much to everyone that attended!

Comments of attendees:

- I enjoyed the panel discussions; we each have a lot to share both youth and adults.

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Media Justice Policy Brief

MLP survives off of a steady diet of media policy so you don't have to. See our synopsis of the three most current and critical happenings in media policy, as we mark six months of representing New Mexico on the Federal Communications Commission Consumer Advisory Committee in Washington, DC.

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Month of Action on the AT&T-T-Mobile Merger: Save the Best for Last!

The last day of August was a game changer for consumer advocates nationwide and Media Literacy Project. The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed an anti-trust suit against the proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger on August 31st.

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August is the Month of Action Against the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Media Literacy Project is asking New Mexico to take action. There are three things we can all do to make sure the voice of the consumer is heard just as clearly as the voice of the corporation.

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Open Internet Champion

Media Literacy Project would like to recognize Senator Tom Udall for protecting an open Internet.

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Social Media Day 2011: A Holiday for Organizers

Now known as Social Media Day, June 30th is a time to celebrate the revolution of media becoming a social dialogue. For some, this is a revolution that is unfinished. In fact, it's just beginning.

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Youth of color and high media consumption: cause for analysis, not alarm

Sound the alarm against the media controllers, not the media consumers. Last week, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a report on youth, race, and media consumption.

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Speak Your Piece: The Broadband You Deserve

I live in the country, but not THAT much in the country. I'm 20 minutes from the state capitol of Kentucky and I can't get a decent broadband connection.

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