Blog: March 2014

Body Image and Making Films

By Michelle Gallarza -- All through middle school I heard girls complain about their bodies. They would say, “I’m fat.” They would say they felt ugly without makeup. Some girls wouldn’t be allowed to wear makeup so they would get to school and put it on in the bathroom in a hurry and then take it off before they left school. It was difficult to hear these comments.

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On Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar Win: Why it Matters to Me

By Divana Olivas -- I first became familiar with Alfonso Cuarón through his work with the Harry Potter series. As a dedicated ‘potterhead,” I watched all of the movies, along with multiple readings of the books. Cuarón’s work with Prizoner of Azkaban brought my second favorite book in the series to life, with my favorite being Goblet of Fire.

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12 Years a Slave and the Legacy of U.S. Gun Laws

By Andrea Quijada -- I finally had the opportunity to see 12 Years a Slave in February. Aside from the fact that I am not the target audience for yet another extremely violent Hollywood-produced film created to teach white America that slavery happened and it’s stain is historical and not contemporary, the media literacy educator in me demanded that I watch it.

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