Blog: June 2013

Strong Families on Mama’s Day and Papa’s Day

I look back on the isolation my mother experienced as a young mother and feel that knot of guilt I cannot place and should never have to. My mother was barely 19 when she had my older sister, Kyle, and 23 when she had me. Read more»

Girls Toolbox Class of 2013

For the past eight years I have been fortunate enough to teach during the media literacy portion of the Girls Toolbox for Life class at Albuquerque Academy. In addition to media literacy, the class includes a section on experiential education and healthy relationships. The students learn media literacy concepts, such as media are most powerful when they operate on an emotional level. Read more»

Delicious: My Trip to Uganda

In May, I traveled to Uganda to support the follow-on project of Prossy Kawala at Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF). Prossy was a fellow at MLP for four months last fall, strengthening our project on responsible speech with her knowledge of community leadership development. So I was thrilled by the chance to visit her in Uganda!

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