Blog: October 2012

Vote for Strong Families, New Mexico!

by Adriann Barboa, Strong Families New Mexico Field Director

As a native New Mexican and someone who has collaborated with MLP over the years, I am both proud and excited to say that MLP is a key partner of Strong Families. This campaign season MLP will be helping us distribute Vote for Us! A Strong Families Guide to Civic Engagement, a tool to support Strong Families partners in strengthening our collective voice.

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Media Literacy is a Life Skill

by Evone Zander, M.Ed., Housing Continuum Director and Life Skills Academy Director
Over the past few months, Media Literacy Project (MLP) has been helping New Day Youth and Family Services' Life Skills Academy meet the objectives in their emotional intelligence programming by providing youth with opportunities to take a critical look at social issues and bias as they are presented through media.

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