2006 High School Winner

Silpada Jewelry

Silpada Jewelry
Allison Ayotte
Arrowhead Union High School
Hartland, WI
Teacher: Terri Carnell

This Silpada jewelry advertisement shows a woman that encompasses leadership and strength because she knows her ex-husband almost regrets his decision to divorce her. He is helpless to avoid looking at how beautiful she has become. This woman feels she is in a place of power and control and relishing in that fact. This all came about when she put a few pieces of jewelry on. This advertisement was found in the pages of Glamour, a magazine for young to middle age women. It shows a woman in her thirties or forties wearing an average outfit with jewelry pieces accessorizing it. The quote on the pages reads, “I found it made my ex-husband wish he weren’t.” In order to understand the full meaning of this advertisement, one you must break apart each word and image. This advertisement begins using its powers of persuasion by showing a woman very relatable to the women who live in the United States. She seems to be an average woman with average problems. She is also wearing clothes that can be found in any department store, instead of clothes found in high fashion stores. Silpada is using this woman to show their product can be worn by anyone, not just supermodels. She also has a look of supremacy on her face which makes the viewers believe this brand of jewelry will make them feel that same power and authority. However, this advertisement has many flaws. It is giving a false idea about what this brand of jewelry actually does for a woman. A piece of jewelry would not make any woman feel as though she were invincible and able to accomplish anything. This advertisement is placing material possessions on a very high pedestal in a woman’s life, and that way of thinking is not healthy. The quote in this advertisement is also another flaw. For one thing, there is a grammar mistake in the sentence. The word “weren’t” should actually be the word “wasn’t” because the subject is singular. If this company does not take time to proofread their advertisements, it is likely they do not take the time to make sure their product is reliable and of good value. The quote is also implying that relationships can be fixed by simply wearing a piece of jewelry. It is saying the husband will want to return to his wife once her sees how beautiful she looks wearing these pieces of jewelry. Relationships are very complex and take compassion, forgiveness, and devotion. One tiny thing cannot fix a broken relationship. In conclusion, this company used many persuasive techniques to make the viewers consider looking into their product. They used the techniques of exaggeration and average people to make their product sell. But if the viewers examine the advertisement carefully, they will see the hidden flaws and think twice before giving Silpada their business.